Golly Gee                                                                                                                              
405 E. Perkins Ave                                                                                                                                    
Sandusky, OH 44870                                                                                                                                
(419)626-3054                                    Proudly Serving the Sandusky Area Since 1952
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About Us

Built in 1952 and originally called Dairy Isle, Martin and Marion Kaltenbach started their ice cream business on the corner of Perkins Avenue and 52nd Street in Sandusky, OH. The Kaltenbach's owned the store until 1970 when they sold the business to Dan Gardner who went on to rename the store Golly Gee after his father in law Galliano Vaccaro who was nicknamed "Golly Gee". Mr. Gardner sold the store to Tom and Sherry Ryan in 1975 and the pair ran the business until 1994. The Ryan's sold Golly Gee to Dan & Michelle Kaman in 1995 where they ran the business until 2019.  Dan and Michelle Kaman sold Golly Gee in 2019 to the Homan family. The Homan family has instilled the same strong family traditions into the store that were present when the Kaltenbach's owned the store. The business truely is a "family business" as both their son and daughter have worked there in addition to other family members.